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Carrot Microgreens Seeds

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Carrot Microgreens Seeds

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Common name: Carrot

Scientific name: Daucus carota

Germination time: 2-3 days

Harvest time; 8-14 days

Flavour: Vegetable like taste

Nutrition: Rich source of anti oxidants, carotenes and vitamin A.

Health benefits:  Carrot microgreens helps keep skin, lung and oral cavity cancers at bay.

Microgreens are richer sources of various micronutrient especially vitamins and minerals. Some of the lipophilic vitamins are much higher in microgreens than mature parts. Like vitamin E content of microgreens is forty times higher than the mature parts. Anti-nutritional factors like nitrates and nitrite contents are low in microgreens. In addition to this microgreens are a dense source of various bioactive compounds. Microgreens are used in salads, sandwich and soups. It can also be used for stuffing parantha and other Indian foods.