Hey! Start Growing Veggies this Summer

Our Story

Our passion in gardening and interest in serving nature made us establish Cultigen Organics. The best thing which motivated us is the youth who are completely involved in greening our mother nature by planting trees, growing indoor plants.

You know what? All this is just beyond the social media fad.

One needs flow, traffic in their site, social media engagement etc, only when they'll get fruitful results.
We had multiple ideas but ideas are not enough. They have to reach people. We are working hard to make our mark in social presence.

The largest hurdle we are facing is the shipping charges. In most cases the shipping charges incurred by the shipping company on us is high than the cost of a product. We are working on it and will surely come to a solution soon.

Right now, we are dealing with seeds, And the good news is that we have started propagating indoor plants and soon we will publish them in our website.

"We aren't into this just to make profits."

Here at Cultigen, we are working hard to survive and we believe to reach every part of the country in no longer time. We welcome your suggestions and views which can make our store better at contact@cultigenorganics.com