Basil Microgreens Seeds

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Basil Microgreens Seeds

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Common name: Basil green, Tulsi

Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum

Germination time: 2-3 days

Harvest time; 10-14 days

Flavour: Slight sweet, Pungent

Nutrition: High polyphenols, vitamins (A,C,K), various minerals,

Health benefits:  Anti-inflmmatory effect, regulate body functions, anti-aging, prevent cancers.

Microgreens are richer sources of various micronutrient especially vitamins and minerals. Some of the lipophilic vitamins are much higher in microgreens than mature parts. Like vitamin E content of microgreens is forty times higher than the mature parts. Anti-nutritional factors like nitrates and nitrite contents are low in microgreens. In addition to this microgreens are a dense source of various bioactive compounds. Microgreens are used in salads, sandwich and soups. It can also be used for stuffing parantha and other Indian foods.